Enrichment Tech is the beginning of a collection of Interactive Electronic Enrichment Devices for non-human animals. All of our designs are free to use, share, and remix!


This project began with a collaboration between Dr. Quitmeyer’s “Animal Interaction Design” course at the National University of Singapore and Zookeepers at Wildlife Reserves Singapore including the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Safari.

Our undergraduate students (with little to no background in programming, design, or animal behavior), worked with the keepers to create new, interactive devices to help facilitate healthy, rewarding lifestyles for captive animals. Together they created an initial batch of prototypes for interactions focusing on:

  • Red Pandas
  • Orang Utans
  • Sun Bears
  • Tigers
  • and Chameleons


Here are some of our digital enrichment devices sorted by mechanism.


This work was initially made possible through a collaboration with Wildlife Reserves Singapore: http://wrs.com.sg .

Their keepers were generous with their time and facilities to let us design for their amazing creatures!